How Hailey -I mean, dolls- Show(s) Emotion

Hello humans!

It’s been a while but I do still exist! I know, I know, you’ve all been so worried about me. It’s been months and months and – I really hope it’s not been a year! Wait- oh no it has been like a year and a half! Ahhhhh….

Okay, Hailey is calming down, because it’s all okay, I’m posting now. Oh, I’m sorry, did you not realize this was Hailey here? I’m definitely Hailey.

So today’s post is one that FlamyFox13 has been wanting to do for a while, but since she hasn’t done it yet, I’m going to do it.

She thinks that dolls show every emotion the exact same way- by putting our arms in the air. FlamyFox13 obviously can’t see the subtleties in our actions. But with the help of my helpful guide, today you can! I took most of these pictures from posts and stories over the years, so we are actually showing emotions here. Apologies in advance, most of them are of me. Charlotte doesn’t like to throw her arms into the air, and we still don’t have too many pictures of Saila yet.

We’ll start off easy. If your doll is doing this, arms straight in the air, it just means they’re really excited to be at the beach. Like Toria is. Okaay, I’m joking, it means they’re just really excited in general! Saila is obviously not as excited to be at the beach, but she’s still really happy.

This is slightly different, it means your doll is really excited about their new camera! Seriously though, it’s the same as above, just different types of dolls show their emotions a bit differently, so you’ll have to learn that too. Nicole is about as excited here as Toria was above.

This could be mistaken for excitement, but don’t make that mistake. Note how the arms are not positioned exactly the same. Also, Toria has her back turned to Saila, so that clearly tells you something else is going on. This is a mildly frustrated, How could you do this to me?? Really, you’re going to turn your back while I was playing with you??? 

Not to be confused with excitement, this is terror. See how Toria’s clutching at her curls? Oh no, what’s happening?

This is a very important emotion to recognize in your dolls, it’s worry. Distressing worry. My sister was going to be eaten by a bear! Note the arms all akimbo, lower than for excitement, and the sheer panic on my face.

Ummm. This means I’m a dragon! Roooaaaaaar!! You probably won’t need to know this one. Unless your dolls become dragons a lot. It’s not something to worry about if that happens though.

Here we have complete bliss, the joy of dancing in the rain.  This is also very easy to recognize (because, you know, you need rain), but the head tilt is important. Shame on people who make dolls who can’t tilt their heads properly.

I hope you never have occasion to see this. Or conversely, if you like pirates, like Charlotte does, I hope you do get to see this. It made Charlotte very happy. Anyway, this means that Hailey the Heartless, the most fearless pirate captain of all, has just invited you to be a part of her crew, and is now winking at you before she shuffles you out of your boarding school and to a new adventurous life on the high seas! Just click on the link I handily put above and you’ll see the whole story.

(I’m laughing at the computer here). This is just me holding an umbrella in the air. It look loaded with emotion, but trust me, it’s not. Sometimes you might think you see strong emotions in your dolls, and you’ll just be wrong. It’s okay. Humans can’t always get it. We have to have some secrets. Maybe if you really want to get it, you could try to read the post. Although if you follow my blog I hope you’ve already read it.

Alright. Here we have another version of being excited to be at the beach. But less excited, because it’s not a real beach.

This means, look at all my kitchen utensils! I don’t have anywhere to use them and I. NEED. A. KITCHEN! It’s crucial that you know how to recognize this. If you need more convincing, see here.

This is also not actual emotion. It’s just a doll being forced to post for a picture, and arms up is a good pose because it usually shows emotion. Except when it doesn’t.

This is just Saila being happy Saila, here let me give you a hug. You’ll know this when you see it, but the important part is that the arms aren’t straight up, and they’re fairly far apart, plenty of space between them for hugging someone else.

This was a photo FlamyFox13 took, intending to use it for her post on this topic, but I was smarter, and took pictures from stories with actual emotion. I have no clue what emotion she wanted to portray here.

Likewise here, not my photo. It might be surprise, but obviously my photos are better.

I can however, tell you exactly what’s going on here. This means, Charlotte, what are you doing?? But more in an exasperated way than an angry way, Saila didn’t mind what Charlotte did so it wasn’t a problem.

Ooh, this one’s fun. You might want to get minorly worried if you see this. This is the face of a book monster who has never seen so many books in their life. It might involve maniacal cackling. (but honestly, it likely just means that your doll is obsessed with the new thing that you gave them and is just very very excited and happy, and oh my goodness look at this new thing we’ve never had before!)

And we’re almost done! This is a powerful emotion. As in, you know, the doll in question feels very powerful. How could they not, with a sword in their hand, dressed like a warrior, at the end of a very stirring photoshoot?

Okay, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed my guide, and if you ever have any questions as to what emotion your dolls are displaying, send me a picture! You can, uh, just post a comment with a photo. Can you do that? I don’t have an email address yet. Ooh, you can just send them to FlamyFox13! Yeah, do that! Anyway, send me a picture and I will happily interpret what your dolls are trying to tell you!

I’m setting Saila as the featured image because we all love Saila. And also Toria.

— Hailey —


5 thoughts on “How Hailey -I mean, dolls- Show(s) Emotion

  1. Haileyyyyy!!! This is so funny! Except now I think I’ve been interpreting doll emotions wrong for years . . .
    I love seeing all the older pictures – and the terror picture . . . yes! Just wondering, as a clueless human, do all dolls clutch their hair when scared? Oh, and how are the arms positioned for anger?
    Anyway, I absolutely love your guide, Hailey!


    1. Thank you! Oh, um, I’m sorry to say you absolutely have been interpreting emotions wrong. No, not all dolls clutch their hair when scared, they might clutch their head, or just clasp their arms in front of them. Hm, anger’s a tough one, considering my sisters (and me) don’t get angry that often. I would say if a doll has their arms up, hands facing you, fingers like claws, that’s probably anger. Thanks again, ForestPoodle88!

      — Hailey —


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